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10 tips on how to make your team more productive

For a team to function effectively, members must have a common goal and each member must know their role in achieving that goal. But at the same time, it's important to recognize that each member of the team is an individual with their own strengths, weaknesses, and preferences.

How to Manage Projects Most Efficiently?

In every business project, there is a general desire to get the end result as quickly and efficiently as possible. But there are many paths to get there, including countless dead ends. Today I will share with you an insight into the agile approach we use at easy.bi.

The Journey to Develop a Great Team

The word team is often identified with any group of people. However, this is not true; a team is a small, closely related group of people focused on achieving clearly defined goals in which all team members are determined to achieve them together.


How to lead your agile team to success?

A lot of businesses are trying to become agile, but fail to really implement it's core principle: building things in small chunks, learning, and then iterating. Therefore I am going to share best practice on how to do that and how it relates to leading an agile team.

What is digital transformation?

What does that actually mean? And how can you achieve digital transformation in your own company? In this blog post, we'll answer those questions and more, so you can start making the necessary changes to stay ahead of the competition.

7 tips on how to maximize your productivity

At easy.bi, we believe hard work pays off. If you put thought and passion into solving your problems, success is sure to follow. But even if we wish to put forth our best selves, we can sometimes struggle. Inspiration might elude us, our focus might fracture and our productivity falters.

How can Data Visualisation Facilitate Decisions?

In the digital age, data and various information are something that many devices and systems collect at practically every step, every second of the day. Therefore, all this information exists, but it is incredibly fragmented in many systems and unconnected to each other, making it impossible to gain broader insight.

How to Use Technology to Optimize Business Processes?

I want to explain with some practical examples how you can use technology to optimize any company process, including those traditionally considered to be in direct need of human resources and to be done in a certain way. I will present some use cases of our tools within our central process optimization platform called ebitools.

Breakpoint in the Business Process of a Company

There is a turning point in the business growth of a company, which has a decisive impact on the future of the company. That’s when the entrepreneur has to make a wise decision. If he realizes which direction is best to step in, he is five steps closer to success in an instant.

What Happens when a Sales Person Becomes Customer’s Advocate?

Have you ever wondered who a salesperson in any company should really represent in order for the team to come up with a solution that really suits customers needs on all levels? I want to present an approach that has proven to be by far the most effective in my career path regardless of the type of company or activity we are talking about

10 Key Factors that make a Project Successful

In project management, there are lots of studies on success factors. Results vary depending on the participants, the size of the study, and the industry. Nevertheless, some recurring factors are evident that seem to play a crucial role, regardless of the context of a project.

The Most Valued Team Soft Skills in 2021

It's certainly no surprise that after a tumultuous year and the many challenges facing businesses, flexibility has moved to the top of the most sought-after soft skills. Things do not always go as planned in any business or project either, so it's extremely important that employees know how to react at the right moment and adapt to new ideas and solutions.

How To Master The Project Start-Up Phase?

Starting a new project can be very exciting but at the same time, you must do your due diligence well before time to ensure that you start with the right approach. At the start of a project, the amount of planning and work required can seem overwhelming. There can be hundreds of activities or tasks that need to be performed effectively in the right sequence. It’s a fact that if you break down your project into different phases, it will be easier for you to handle the project activities and take the right steps to manage them efficiently.

9 Burning Questions You Must Answer Before Starting A Project

Most projects fail partially or completely due to poor planning along with other reasons such as poor requirement management, lack of resources and lack of understanding of the project life cycle. A better understanding of the purpose of the project can lead to desired results, improved performance, and better motivation among the team members. Ask yourself 9 most important questions and aim for a success!

Scrum: How to be a Business Owner

The Business Owner is a very important role in SCRUM as he shares the responsibility in the success and costs of the project. Collaboration is needed in order to meet SCRUM's ultimate goals: transparency and responding to change. To get expected results a BO is involved in the process, easy.bi explains how.