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How to Manage Projects Most Efficiently?

In every business project, there is a general desire to get the end result as quickly and efficiently as possible. But there are many paths to get there, including countless dead ends. Today I will share with you an insight into the agile approach we use at easy.bi.

The Journey to Develop a Great Team

The word team is often identified with any group of people. However, this is not true; a team is a small, closely related group of people focused on achieving clearly defined goals in which all team members are determined to achieve them together.


How can Data Visualisation Facilitate Decisions?

In the digital age, data and various information are something that many devices and systems collect at practically every step, every second of the day. Therefore, all this information exists, but it is incredibly fragmented in many systems and unconnected to each other, making it impossible to gain broader insight.

How to Use Technology to Optimize Business Processes?

I want to explain with some practical examples how you can use technology to optimize any company process, including those traditionally considered to be in direct need of human resources and to be done in a certain way. I will present some use cases of our tools within our central process optimization platform called ebitools.