Getting things done with TaskStation

Gathers all tasks from different stations and users. The tasks from stations include suggested auto-generated approach to resolve the problem.

  • Quick overview of your tasks.
  • Better communication amognst the employees
  • Control repetitive tasks and analyse task completition statistics.

Your Benefits from using Task Station

  • Each employee has an overview of their own tasks.
  • Improve communication amongst the employees.
  • Schedule repetitive tasks only once.
  • Have an overview of completed tasks.
  • Let AI take care of the workflows and generate tasks for you.
  • Downsize the time of getting data and feedback from completed tasks.

How Task Station Works

Tasks can be generated in multiple ways:

  • AI creates tasks based on data received from completed workflows.
  • Higher level employees generate specific tasks by using desktop software.
  • Personal tasks can be added directly by the users in their mobile app.

Task Station at Work

Fit Varovanje, Security company

How using Task Station improved our work processes:

  • Human error when planing patrols has been removed.
  • Our security guards get their daily task schedule in an easy to use app that suggests them the best order to complete the tasks based on time priority.
  • Automating the patrol process gave our clients extra reassurance that their buildings are being supervised and secured.
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