How do stations work?

Each station is a micro workflow application that suits the need of a specific department.

Stations are data driven and cloud based tools that help you stay connected and manage every area of your business.

The AI makes sure the data behind the stations is linked which drives macro workflows.

Micro Workflows

Each software solution consists of micro workflows. They are driven by user inputs as well as system’s Ai.

Cloud Based

Having your systems cloud based you will save time and money by increasing capacity, enhancing functionality and reducing infrastructure costs.

Data Driven

Have a chance to examine and organize your data at anytime and consequently better serve your customers and consumers.


Let the system work out the workflows and generate standardized messages while you and your employees focus on the important emails and calls.

Macro Workflows

They form coherent and logical completion of micro workflows. They are key parts of successful software solution.

The concept of stations

Each station is a workflow application that suits the need of a specific department. Stations are tools that give you an overview and help you manage every area of your business.

Profit Station

Gives you instant overview of current business profits.

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Warehouse Station

Provides accurate inventory data at any time.

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Cash Station

Makes sure you never run out of cash on your bank accounts.

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Data Station

Offers automatic backups and painless restores of your data, including ERP.

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Customer Station

Drastically improves communication between internal departments regarding customers.

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Risk Station

Shows critical issues in your company and reduces unnecessary financial losses.

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Task Station

System’s AI gathers all tasks from different stations and creates simple Task lists for each user.

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Service Station

Managing work orders has never been easier.

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Purchase Station

Fully automated and optimized orders without errors.

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Patrol Station

Plan and keep the overview of repetitive patrols and employees schedules.

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Gives you instant overview of the daily business. You can detect anomalies and react immediately and efficiently, even on the go.

  • Daily updated Balance Sheet.
  • Daily updated Income Statement.
  • 3 clicks from question to answer.
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