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Your business needs some stations more than others. At we prepared packaged solutions to suit best your business needs.

Security solution

At we understand how important it is for a business to have the most effective solution based on the business needs; therefore, when we designed the security solution we worked closely together with security companies and their employees.

Our team of experts prepared a security solution pack which is a combination of stations that best suits the need of your security enterprise.

Our product has been field tested and validated solution has been in production since 2012. Since then we have received not only positive feedback but also positive client revenue growth.

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Use case

Fit Varovanje in few words

Fit Varovanje is a security company dedicated to provide courteous, professional, and responsive security services for a safe and secure environment.

Fit Varovanje has been present and serving community for over 29 years and has over 250 dedicated employees.

Their service helps secure many business from warehouses to corporations, airports, hotels and more.

Fit Varovanje benefits from using Security solution

Simplified and faster task planning Faster customer response time All data is gathered in one place and communicates with the rest of the workflows which severely busts our efficiency and performance We improved relationship with our clients by having a chance to provide a proof of completed service

Customer Success Stories solution had a positive impact on our business processes. We are able to capitalize on the time saved to do the projects we knew would make a difference.

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