Patrol Station

Patrol Station assists your company in providing efficient security operations to your clients and optimizes your costs with increasing the productivity of your employees.

  • Guide and empower your security employees in the planning and execution of their tasks.
  • Gain insights into guards performance, track their hours and control budget.
  • Control spending as everything is stored and presented in one easy-to-use application.
  • Provide comprehensive security reports to your clients and ensure a complete record of appointed rounds in the case of incidents needed for legal or insurance reasons.

Replace the spreadsheets and paper with an easy to use web application.

Web Application for Security Office & Management

Clients and Sites Management

Have an overview of your clients and their needs for security services in one place. Easily add information about clients sites.

Drag and Drop calendar for scheduling tasks

Schedule patrol tours and tasks and have them instantly appear in guards application. The calendar provides a complete overview of the planned tours and its status.

Security Reports

Easily create reports for your customers with information on provided security services.

Mobile Application for Security Office & Management

Daily schedule

Guards and security officers can manage all of their work tasks and patrol tours in one easy to use mobile app. The schedule gives them an overview of daily assignments.

Location setup assistance for security officers

The app supports security officers in the process of location setup. All the critical locations are first marked with QR codes and saved into the system. Afterward, the plan of a patrol tour is easily created by defining a sequence of all marked locations.

Patrol tours guidance for security guards

Security guards can complete patrol tours by following instructions in the application and scan placed QR codes at each of the designated locations. When necessary they can also add notes and photo material.

“With implementing solution we significantly improved the relationship with our clients by providing them a complete and insightful report on provided security services.”

- Fit Varovanje

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