Customer Order Entry Station

Customer Order entry station makes your company more competitive with automating sales and improving your operations processes outside your company walls.

  • Build a more sustainable relationship with your customer and grow revenue in your key accounts.
  • Eliminate paper based-based order forms and lower costs of manual orders input.
  • Learn about your customers ordering habits, improve your offering and order delivery times.

Improve your customers experience with easy to use mobile application.

Web application for your company

Overview of all customer orders

Quickly access to all your customer orders in one place. Replace numerous paper forms with an automatically updated application dashboard.

Edit your offering

Present your products with pictures, videos or specifications documents. Easily add or remove products from your offering. The changes you make will instantly appear in the mobile application that your customers use.

Learn about your customers needs

Explore historic data of past customer orders and create reports that will give your sales representatives necessary insights to boost the sales.

Mobile application for your customers

Easy access & authentication

You can easily onboard your customers to the new ordering process by sharing a Google Play or App Store link to the application. The authentication is simplified with the use of QR codes.

Quikly order & explore past orders

A user can quickly complete an order with adding the number of all desired items to an order list. Orders need to be reviewed and can be modified. The application provides a history of all orders made by the company or individual user.

Favorite items

Customers can accelerate their ordering process with the list of favorite items. Items can be easily added or removed from the favorite list.

Eliminate errors, minimize delivery and invoicing time and increase your customers' satisfaction.

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