Inventory Station

Inventory Station based on cycle count procedure saves your business money with decreasing your write-offs to under 0.1% of revenue and improves your operations with up to date inventory data.

  • Continue working at the time of stock counting and avoid the need for expensive traditional counting on a yearly basis.
  • Decrease risk of human error and prevent imprecise forecasting, lost inventory, mishandling items or stockouts.
  • Improve your processes with effective analysis of any stock discrepancies.

Modernize your inventory management with easy to use web application!

Web Application for Inventory Management

The complete overview of an inventory

Have instant visibility of the inventory levels with up to date data from multiple locations. Be alert to critical stock items that will soon run out or items that are just before the expiration date.

Guided system for stock counting

The system automatically generates tasks and guides your employees through daily stock counting. Additionally, you can decide to implement stock counting with a barcode system.

Notifications about discrepancies

Receive notifications about any stock differences recognized by the system and respond immediately.

Accurate inventory data is the basis for efficient purchasing process. Combine this solution with Purchasing Station.

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