Finance Station

Finance Station gives your business access to daily updated financial reports that provide necessary insights to make informed decisions for your business and help increase profits.

  • Understanding expenses and revenue trends allow you to make timely financial and operational decisions.
  • Eliminate wasteful expenses with analysis of trends.
  • Assure that your company never runs out of cash with an overview of planned earnings and expenditures.
  • Minimize business risk with always being aware of critical customers and accounts receivable.

Grow your profitability with easy to use web application!

Balance sheet

Daily updated statement

Access your recent company financial data anytime. Adjust the view to monthly, quarterly or yearly overview.

Trends comparison

View trends to understand where your business is going. Comparing expenses over years can help you eliminate wasteful expenditure.

Invoice viewer

Drill down the numbers into details. The solution enables you to open all invoices with only a few clicks from one application.

Cash flow statement

30 days overview

View all planned expenditures and expected earnings visualized.

Overview of bank accounts

Access to the information of multiple bank accounts from one application.

Reschedule invoices

Get notified about possible cash shortage and reschedule payments of invoices on time to optimize the amount of cash your company needs.

Cash risk statement

Overview of critical customers

Access to an overview of currently critical customers and their responsible accounts managers. Quickly get an information on how much do they owe to your company and how late are they with their payments.

Trend analysis

Analyze accounts receivable and compare the percentage of bad debts to sales over a period of time. A recurring trend of the percentage will help you take necessary actions to adjust the credit terms for your customers.

Automatic notifications & insurance reports

Get notified about your critical customers. Additionally, the application automatically creates reports needed for your credit risk insurer.

You need to be able to see financial issues in order to fix them.

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