Field Service Station

Field Service Station assists your business with efficient planning and execution of orders to help you provide exceptional installation, repair or maintenance services.

  • Optimize your planning and services with proactively monitoring and collecting field service order demands in one place.
  • Raise customer satisfaction and prepare technicians for desired requirements with posting all necessary information within the application.
  • Increase efficiency with digitizing debrief of field service orders and reduce duplicated manual work.

Replace the spreadsheets and paper with an easy to use web application.

Web application for administrators & management

Field Service Orders

Easily create and update predefined documents for different types of orders from a desktop computer. Attach videos, pictures, manuals or files to help guide the technician at the customer site.

Drag and Drop calendar

View, assign and prioritise technicians’ assignments. The calendar provides a complete overview of the field service orders and its status.

Notifications & Reports

Get notified about the final status of the orders. Track technician effectiveness, supplies consumed and costs.

Mobile application for administrators & management

Daily schedule

The schedule gives technicians overview of daily assignments. Each assignment contains a shortcut to navigation and customer contact.

Equipment & services record

A technician can easily search for equipment parts and services that a company offers to customers. Additionally, an automatic count of equipment is enabled with the use of QR codes.


Technicians can record time, expenses, parts, and tasks completed, as well as capture signatures, video or pictures and recommendations using mobile device capabilities.

Eliminate errors, minimize delivery and invoicing time and increase your customers' satisfaction.

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