Agile project management

Best tips and tricks for successful project management

The 6 rules of successful agile software development

An agile software development process is a great way to overcome challenges and deliver great projects. However, the key to success is to have programmers who know how to work in an agile way and a leader who guides them accordingly.

How to lead your agile team to success?

A lot of businesses are trying to become agile, but fail to really implement it's core principle: building things in small chunks, learning, and then iterating. Therefore I am going to share best practice on how to do that and how it relates to leading an agile team.

How to Manage Projects Most Efficiently?

In every business project, there is a general desire to get the end result as quickly and efficiently as possible. But there are many paths to get there, including countless dead ends. Today I will share with you an insight into the agile approach we use at

How to Master Project Requirements as a Stakeholder?

The success of any project always depends on all roles and stakeholders involved in the project, but today we will focus on the role of the client. I will show you the most effective steps on how to get your expectations really met.

10 Key Factors that make a Project Successful

In project management, there are lots of studies on success factors. Results vary depending on the participants, the size of the study, and the industry. Nevertheless, some recurring factors are evident that seem to play a crucial role, regardless of the context of a project.

How To Master The Project Start-Up Phase?

Starting a new project can be very exciting but at the same time, you must do your due diligence well before time to ensure that you start with the right approach. At the start of a project, the amount of planning and work required can seem overwhelming. There can be hundreds of activities or tasks that need to be performed effectively in the right sequence. It’s a fact that if you break down your project into different phases, it will be easier for you to handle the project activities and take the right steps to manage them efficiently.

9 Burning Questions You Must Answer Before Starting A Project

Most projects fail partially or completely due to poor planning along with other reasons such as poor requirement management, lack of resources and lack of understanding of the project life cycle. A better understanding of the purpose of the project can lead to desired results, improved performance, and better motivation among the team members. Ask yourself 9 most important questions and aim for a success!

Scrum: How to be a Business Owner

The Business Owner is a very important role in SCRUM as he shares the responsibility in the success and costs of the project. Collaboration is needed in order to meet SCRUM's ultimate goals: transparency and responding to change. To get expected results a BO is involved in the process, explains how.